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Vegetarian Kitchen Hands on Day

Vegetarian or not, Vegetarian Kitchen is a modern explosion of flavours and food combinations. This course will show you how to lay the foundations for modern vegetarian food. This is a truly inspirational take on cooking and eating without meat and fish.

Lesley has always been passionate about vegetarian dishes and has developed and written a number of vegetarian recipe books. Many of these gutsy and rustic recipes will be featured in Broader than Beans. Not so long ago everyday main meals would always include meat. Vegetables were very much second class citizens. How things have changed! The modern way of eating is combing good fresh ingredients - and often the majority of these are vegetables - to create masses of flavour and a healthier diet. Vegetable dishes have at long last taken a much deserved leading role. Lesley’s homely yet modern style is sure to inspire you to try some delicious and quirky new flavour combinations.

GLUTEN FREE FRIENDLY...dishes as follows but may change subject to the availability of ingredients.

Red lentil dosas served with lime rasam and coconut, lime and coriander relish.

Beetroot risi e bisi served with labneh cheese under chive olive oil.

Butternut hummus served on black garlic toasts with roasted asparagus and frizzled eggs.

Wild mushroom and fennel pies.

Black bean and roasted tomato ragout served with avocado, sour cream and corn bread.

Flat blueberry tart with elderflower cream.

Chocolate and vanilla prune pots.

10.30am - 4pm

Please note: This course is suitable for people with a gluten intolerance but NOT for coeliacs or those with a dairy intolerance. If you would like details please call Liz on 0844 800 4633.
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Lesley Waters
Vegetarian Kitchen Hands on Day
Vegetarian Kitchen Hands on Day
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