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Summer Stress Free Entertaining Demonstration Day

For those that want to entertain glamorously and stylishly with stunning and effortless dishes our Stress Free Demonstration Day is a perfect choice. All the dishes Lesley will demonstrate will impress your guests, but will leave you time to entertain like a true diva or divo. Book yourself in and bring out the true diva or divo inside!


Dishes may include:

Seared pink peppercorn roast beef salad with summer vegetable vinaigrette and romesco sauce

Smoked salmon cakes served with easy poached eggs, roasted tender stem and cheat's hollandaise

Antipasti giant pan bagna with smoky paprika chicken

Sea bass and crayfish ceviche with avocado and chilli relish

Ham wrapped baked vine tomatoes served with sizzling mozzarella and bread kebabs and black lentil dressing

Summer blueberry pies with iced Bavarian cream

Baked vanilla nectarines served with pistachio yoghurt cake and orange syrup

Your day includes a sit down lunch, glass of wine and a full recipe pack.

Starts at 11am and finishes at 2pm.

Second demo starts at 4pm and finishes at 7pm.

Please note: you cannot use your LW Members discount on this demonstration day. This course is suitable for people following a gluten free diet but NOT suitable for coeliacs or those with a dairy intolerance. If you would like details please call Liz on 0844 800 4633.
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Lesley Waters
Summer Stress Free Entertaining Demonstration Day
Summer Stress Free Entertaining Demonstration Day
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